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-Week-2-Response Paper.


Well, still not so sure of how to go about a "response" paper, so I'll just ramble about what I figure could be it. Follow me?

Second week of this experimental class on creativity, we got to finish writing our own syllabus which I believe to be a magnificent idea, taking control of what you get to learn should be the way of every education system, I mean...we're already paying enough money to feed a numerous starving family for years, so we should at least pick what to learn about. And I can tell from experience how good the end result is from a school project you enjoy, or at least agree in the minimum to participate.

During this past class we watched a movie, well more like a tedious interview with a man who claims to have discovered what the athletes call "being in the zone" but for the creative world. Something called Flow that implies the full concentration on a task to the point that you feel a state of ecstasies and all of your being is sucked into the complete performance of such task...the truth is that I spaced out for a while and started singing that silly Hindu song from "Bend it like Beckham" in my head. I like to believe in this Flow theory, and I do think I might have experienced it more than once in my lifetime, it is just hard to accept it when you've got the attention span of a hummingbird like I do most of the time. To prove the point I will post a lovely picture of that gorgeous Indian girl from the movie above mentioned just to grab your attention and shift it drastically.

Isnt she lovely?


Anyways, that's that. Back to the creative response paper...I'm gonna rant a little bit about another little known side of creativity, something like the dark side of it, let's call it Creativity as a Curse, Yep that's right. I do think there is something about creativity that can drive someone into madness, like the mad scientist / crazy genius stereotype we can usually find in old movies. Sometimes creativity can drive you up the wall, especially at night when everything is quiet and it is time to rest, but for some reason your brain keeps working , endless ideas and thoughts, plans and blueprints for every single thing you could be doing if it wasn't so late and you didn't need the rest so badly, it gets really annoying when you've been tossing around in bed for over two hours and can't sleep because of this creative brain that just doesn't know when to quit.  Another example is the situation in which you find yourself deeply immersed in a project and just can't quit, spending hours and hours because you are in this so called Flow, and you forget to eat, shower, and other body functions.  One of the greatest inventors of our times and a personal hero of mine, Nikola Tesla once said “I do not think there is any thrill that can go through the human heart like that felt by the inventor as he sees some creation of the brain unfolding to success... Such emotions make a man forget food, sleep, friends, love, everything.” I think I can agree with him for I have been there many times, most recently a friend of mine asked the guys at my apartment complex to open my door to see if I was alive, apparently I had spent a week in there without any contact to the outside world when in my mind I had been working for like two days.

But here's another wonderful quote that I also believe to be true in every possible sense: "The truly creative people I know all live lousy lives, never see you, don't take care of themselves properly, have weird tastes in women, and behave badly. They don't wash and they eat disgusting stuff, they are mentally unstable and are absolutely brilliant."- Toke Nygaard. If you take a look at the so called "geniuses" all throughout history, you will find that they all had social problems and one or two loose marbles as well as strange behaviors that usually led to very strange deaths and suicides.

I'm sure I can find more argument to support this, but for now that's enough.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.