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Ranting about myself as an artist


What am I writing about here today? There has been no class in the past few weeks so there cannot be a response. So I go back to our little syllabus to find the forced-inspiration of the week
Capstone encourages us to write about ourselves as artists and our experiences at Otis so far.
And I guess I rarely talk about my work (mostly because I don't like to). So I'm going to start talking about myself as an artist.(brace yourself)

I have studied design(product design to be more specific) for almost two years now and I'm already fed up with the current state of it...too much ego/pretension.
it bothers me that the main and most important quality of a product designer is the supposed ability to problem solve, yet most of the designers out there are solving meaningless problems, charging a fortune and creating empires from those who can afford this so-called design, while the people with real problems just suffer in silence because they can't afford to solve their problems. I am a firm believer of the old schools of design (ej, Bauhaus) when craftsmanship ruled over mass production, the attention to detail was overwhelming in the best possible way.


("God is in the details."- Mies van der Rohe )

I'm obsessed with the idea that design can change the world. I want to break away from the stereotype of "Designer." I want to create change that is really meaningful through form, I want whatever it is that I create to have a positive impact in the world. I will in some way or another redefine space, material functionality or context while giving back as much as possible to society.

I believe we're at the border of something totally new and truly meaningful, all it takes is some courage to jump off the ledge and embrace the fall into a new era, collapse the current structures and change the current paradigm. And yes I do realize how epic and maybe even over-dramatic that sounds, but we need to realize the importance of it, so I won't apologize for the substance of my words.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.