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-Week-5-Response Paper


All work and no sleep makes Fu a dull boy.  (where's that quote originally from?)

This week I surpassed 87 hours without proper sleep just chicken naps. What are chicken naps? Kinda like my modified version of Cat Naps. Usually during a Cat nap you:


Change into something comfortable. If at work, you might want to take off your jacket or tie or remove your shoes.


Stretch out on a sofa, bed or recliner. Don't put your head down on your desk, or you might wake up with a stiff neck and a backache.


Close your eyes and think relaxing thoughts.


Limit sleep time to 20 or 30 minutes, and try to take your nap before 2 p.m


That's for a cat nap...but I dont have time for that, so I take a chicken nap (tm):



Close your eyes and wait


Let your head bounce to the side of your shoulder as you fall asleep


Snap out of it


Repeat if necessary but remember that the difference between cat naps and falling asleep is that you are aware and you let it happen a couple times before deciding to slap yourself on the face or putting a thumbtack inside your shoe for the rest of the day to keep you awake.


Now. Class. Today I got to present to the class the articles we read...Here's the one about Michel Gondry, and this is the list of Americanized films, and I couldnt find the actual source of the article about the American Writers discussing the credits on remakes, so I transcribed the entire article and you may find it at the bottom of this page. But until then I shall rant away about...you guessed it, a movie.

Tonight I'd very much like to talk about a film for which I have mixed feelings, Yet I do believe it's a rather brilliant film, the movie is Quills (2000) This movie was Inspired by the life and work of the French Writter Marquis de Sade , Quills re-imagines the last years of the Marquis' incarceration in the insane asylum at Charenton. Now, if you dont know much about the Marquis, you should at least know that his work was of philosophic, violent pornography espousing extreme licentiousness , religiously, and legally untrammeled in pursuing personal pleasure as the highest principle. And you should definitely know that the word "Sadism" comes from this guy's name and the sexual cruelty depicted in his books.

Anyways, the Marquis was very VERY creative when coming up with the thousand and one ways to well...you know. His work is very descriptive and his metaphors are rather vivid. And what is more...did you know that his work is not only rare and banned from many places, but if you buy it you too can become part of a black list kept by an unnamed government organization (how fun!)


This is a picture of amazing actor Geoffrey Rush

as the enigmatic Marquis in the movie Quills.


Mr. Rush was nominated to the Academy Awards, Golden Globe and BAFTA all for his role of the Marquis, sadly he didnt get any awards. although He is the first Australian-born person to win an Academy Award for acting. He is also the only Australian person to win it playing an Australian character in the incredible movie Shine.

In the movie Quills, the Marquis is not only rather creative with his writing but his means to do so and get published. At some point of the movie, the marquis is forbidden any writing utensils so that he cannot spill his venom, ""They've raped my soul" he proclaims to his wife as he overflows with stories he cannot write. Eventually the Marquis finds many creative ways to keep writing his perverse stories, but I wont spoil it for you.

Anyways, Quills is not for the faint of heart, it is a rather strong and visceral movie, so if you choose to watch it be warned and dont come blaming me when the credits roll and there is a rather heavy feeling in your gut.



-------Here's the Article promised--------


This article is © 1998 Randy Lofficier.



Edit to add: 94hours no sleep. Breaktrough, last night I finally saw a beautiful purple bolt jump from my tesla coil into the a lamp nearby.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.