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(This is my old website, please visit my newly updated website here: 



Welcome! I am an artist and art teacher living in the San Francisco Bay Area.


I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and a teaching credential in art. I have experience in teaching children ages 7-18 in public schools, and also in a variety of summer art programs. Encouraging children to explore and integrate the arts into their lives has become a passion for me, and I believe education in the arts has a fundamental impact on their experience and growth as learners.


I enjoy working in painting and drawing formats, as well as collage and bookbinding. I am also interested in ceramics, sculpture, and watercolor.




I also sell one-of-a-kind handmade books and hollow books in my Etsy shop, come visit!:



***Check out this article from the Palo Alto Weekly featuring me and my handmade crafts from my Etsy shop (scroll down, as I am the last seller to be mentioned):

A Home for the Handmade

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