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Jamie Guan


Composition and Critical Thought

Professor Jessica Ngo


Dear Readers,

    Hello fellow readers! First, I would like to thank you for taking this time to read my cover letter and second, welcome you to my cover letter. My chosen theme was identity because I believe that your identity plays an important role in how you decide to express your creativity, which is something that interests me. I also felt like it was a nice transition from “The Soma Family: A Series to Remember” my narrative essay, where I discussed a lot about myself and a memorable childhood memory.

     From “The Soma Family: A Series to Remember”, you will learn that I am a half of a whole, a twin.  “The Soma Family: A Series to Remember” is my favorite essay because it was the most personal and dear to me. My twin sister Maggie and I are the closest you will ever imagine; knowing that made the narrative even easier and more willing to write. I hope that you will enjoy the adventure I have laid out for you in “The Soma Family: A Series to Remember” as you read because I definitely had an amazing time revisiting one of my favorite memories from my childhood. “The Determined Birthmark” my theme essay and “We Are More than Just ONE” my argument essay, does not focus on me, but both relate back to identity. I briefly mention my identities in “We Are More than Just ONE”.

   From this course I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about the meaning of being creative and the many ways one can be creative. I was not aware of how complex being creative can be. By reading the novel InGenius by Tina Seelig, I was able to explore a new perspective of creativity and learn about how creativity sparks and how it is sometimes lost. Being creative is such an amazing skill to have and I am proud to say that I am able to learn more about it every day as I continue my education at Otis.

   Aside from creativity, this course has helped me understand the different types of essays: narrative, theme, and argument. I believe that understanding the difference between the three has helped me improve on my writing and know exactly what I am writing about.

   Thank you again for taking this moment to read my cover letter. I hope you enjoyed it and happy reading.



Jamie Guan

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.