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chronicles & toy.


Chinese toys are more than just toys; they are symbols of culture and communicate commitment to children. Toys are constructed with education, culture, and art in mind. Each toy had its own purpose in teaching children a specific skill or subject.
An example would be the Bamboo Dragonfly which is a toy designed to teach children about science. This toy goes back to 500 BC when the Chinese people created this toy out of bamboo to imitate the appearance of a dragonfly. Children would experiment with this toy to see how high they can make their bamboo dragonfly goes when they rubbed it against their hands. The dragonfly concept took for a bigger turn in the 1900s when the European inventors used this concept to create the very first helicopter.

Games like Chinese checkers and such were also very popular because they kept your brain active at all times of playtime.

Growing up in an environment filled with close to no toys, I remember always wanting to create a world of my own so I would be able to decide what to do for myself. I can decide what fun is.

The toy I am thinking of constructing is made completely out of wood. The concept behind it is ‘creating your own world’, there would be theme sets and all of them can be bought separately and put together to form an entire empire. The pieces would fit multiple ways, which will help children be more imaginative and think creatively with what they are given.

How this will connect to Chronicles brand is simple. Their brand is made up of everything colorful, nice, happy, joyful, and educational. This kind of toy would fit right in and in addition it will allow children to explore what it is like to be a designer.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.