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Friedrich Nietzsche- “Good and Evil, Good and Bad”


            This distinction between what is considered good and evil is made from the perspective of those that are in power, the aristocrats, and those that do not have any power. Nietzsche places us to decide for ourselves what we see as good and evil, however, from the way he starts his essay he seems to go against the ruling family. He also starts by saying that philosophers have lost their way. His belief that thinking without experiencing is faulty is evident throughout his essay, but it makes me question whether he’s experienced both sides. We talked about in class how Nietzsche, although he did not experience, was highly knowledgeable in areas that other’s would turn a blind eye to. However, he would just be going against what he states, which is to think through experience, and, therefore, lacks credibility. His perspective of the conquerors and those that believed that money had something to do with the good is pretty clear though. We see it in today’s world where those in power and money can get away with anything. Whether what they did was their definition of good, or whether it was morally wrong has no effect in today’s world. 


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Good and Evil, Good and Bad

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.