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Robert Venturi Write Up

            Mother’s House was Robert Venturi’s first major project in that it was for his mother Vanna Venturi. After his father, Robert Venturi Sr, passed away in 1959, Vanna Venturi was left with enough money to build the house that is today. Not only did the house gain much recognition, it is considered the first postmodern work of architecture. Through Venturi’s rule breaking, he created this fantastic work of art. The house was built in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania, started from 1962 to 1964, and embodies the sign in which Robert Venturi wanted to show. There is a connection between client and architect.

           From just looking at the windows, doors, and chimney, the idea of a house is formed. The function of this building is not that of a bar or warehouse, but it is focused on the shape and function of a house. The front of the house has multiple factors in which the house becomes a postmodern home. Venturi incorporated Mannerist ideas in which he’d recreate an idea so that it twisted the historical symbol. He satirizes so much in just the first glance of the house such as the arch. The arch over the door is incomplete and there is a gap to symbolize the contradiction in its state of being. Arches usually are signs for an entrance, but when it is broken like Venturi did, the function of the arch is no longer valid. It is an entrance, but it loses its meaning. Such is the same with the stairs that lead to nowhere in the house. They’re function as stairs are useless in function, however they are put on another level of usefulness. They could be used to clean the windows on the ceiling or plants and books can be placed on them.





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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.