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I work primarily as an art director and writer, but sometimes as an animator, a designer, a producer, and even a rep. This portfolio represents work that I have functioned mostly as an art director. This means that many other talented people were involved. Below is a list of artists who have contributed to these projects. If I have left anyone out, this is not intentional. Please forgive me.

Anna Baburyan
Ramsey Bieber

Stan Brandenberger
Nick DiNapoli
Chris Do
Jacque Dupuy

Glenn Entis
Gil Haslam
David Henry
Mark Hensley

Shelly Kamanitz
Jim Kealy
John Kehe
John Leprevost

David Schpall
Brad Soderlund

Melinda Tidwell
James Wang

Terry Wang
Chris Williamson

Marco Bacich
Sean McClean
Jerry Steele
Suzi Zimmerman

Ian Dawson
Matt Kennedy
Amy Mattingly

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.