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To Image a Future for 2050 we need to consider at first the past behind us, history made the reality we have today  and consider ideas of what the future would be and what reality exists today. After all we are what history gave us, and we can say that history repeats at itself. Also it is necessary to understand what the present is for imagining a possible future.  

Since the beginning many architects have imagined and designed speculatives futures, utopian ideas of cities. The beginning of the name ‘city’ and what they should be is an important fact to analyse the movement of the cities and what they can become.

Urbanistically we can say that Los Angeles is very spread out city. Besides Downtown, Los Angeles dense area, the surrounding areas are not highly concentrated by buildings as cities like New York and Sao Paulo are, even thou it is a conglomerated metropoly. In this areas you rarely see high buildings (more than 10 levels up), most constructions have less than 4 levels.

The second most populated city in the country, population constantly increasing with years will consequently have the need for more buildings, with that the city possibly will look for more space with higher level buildings. In the future we can say that Los Angeles will be more conurbated and will grow vertically.      

As for technology, autonomous cars will take the streets this will possibilitate more  less traffic by decreasing the number of cars. Also electrics car, that are charged by solar energy. This will possibilitate less consumption and unuse of gas which has no pollution.

Sustainable energy sources will be more effective than today

Houses will be functioning by solar energy and intelligent system, that will be even controlled by cell phones.

Over time the urban issues can get worse if not solved, issues that comes with water waste and pollution, flooding areas and the heat islands phenomenon that urban areas suffers may increase, difference in temperature amplitude in the city will consequently be higher by the severity of global warming and also by massive concrete surfaces.

Medicine innovations as treatments for cancer, use of robots for surgeries will be more present in medical practices.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.