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First Reflection


This class is called “Ways of Knowing”. What does that mean to you? What do you expect to learn in this class? Why might it be valuable to you as a student and artist or designer?



              Registering for the class Ways of Knowing was already intriguing by its name.  It makes us ask what we will be discussing as it is such a broad subject. Ways of Knowing for me will open our mind for different ways of collecting and reading information, discussing it, analysing and criticizing for a broader understanding. Also will be a course that will diverse our view of information, open us to see and discuss literature, movies and other medias of communication.

               I expect to learn in this class to express my ideas through a cohesive writing also to be able to traduce, analyse and judge information that we see. Moreover to wider cultural knowledge, learn about american literature during the course (as we already had a view in the first class of of the Shakespeare play, Macbeth) and others ways of knowing.

             Looking at background and as an architecture student it is interesting to discover new ways and vehicles of discussion. The content will bring new ways of seeing a fact, information or production which will help mostly on making observations, being more critic and creating and discussing a point of view. On the other side viewing literature and making narratives will bring a creative side that help us express our ideas and perceptions. Being an architect request developing a critic side about the world around us, a social analysis of values and standards, also being able to see issues and necessities, which is a social side of the area.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.