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1. I would describe that there is different perceptions of climate change through different socioeconomic status. The relationship changes depending on economic, political, cultural or religious values, for people that lives in poor conditions they attribute the cause of climate change related to religious matter, as God’s will for the Texans interviewed, or even related to a natural cause and never blamed as a human responsibility, as one said on interview “Calamity in weather is not true”, as for fact the weather calamity was something created by someone with a particular interest.


2) The root cause to the communication difficulty around climate change (to explain its origin factor) is basically human interests, money and activities related to the environmental destruction are covered up to avoid conflicts. This individual interests, of companies, firms, politicians, or any type of corporation or organization that have control over the environment are aggravating climate change issues - as drought, flood, food shortages, water scarcity - starting point of human insecurity and poverty that mainly lead to conflicts, the environmental issues are the breaking point to conflicts and revolutions as for example the Civil war in Syria and unemployment in Texas as cited on the documentary video.

Economic or political, cultural, religious interests that are related to any type of environmental damage are protected` we can say by the media or any type of vehicle of communication for that reason no one knows where climate change causes begins or what should be blamed. For example, the people interviewed in Texas that stated the drought cause was biblical, saying that is God’s will or part of nature cycle.  


3) Yes, the root cause related to climate change which is set by individualistic interests 

can be challenge to control and reveal in a single campaign. I believe that firstly there is a necessity in revealing what is happening right now over de world related to environmental disasters to the population. The media needed to have a great responsibility for that.  


Seven Billion Article


Question 1.

1. transformation on soil through farming - subtle traces
2. Traces through fertilized factories - nitrogen emission - really hard to notice as the "sythesized nitrogen is just like its natural equivalent"
3. Industrial agrigultural pollen record - from monochromatic of stretches of corn, wheat, soy pollen - sedimentation process
4. Traces of the leveling of worlds forests - massive amounts of soil eroding off land that are denunded are increasing sedimentation in some part of the world holded by river dams. 
5. Change in the composition of atmosphere - invisible trace
6. Animals traces to the Poles - the shift will be traced in the fossil record
7. Reef gap traces
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.