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Teaching Manifesto


1. The purpose of teaching is to give those being taught the tools that they need in order to realize their full potential.

2. The role of the teacher is to light a spark in the students' minds that makes them want to learn the material that is being taught. 

3. Teachers should not give all of the answers. They should teach in a way that asks questions and encourages the students to look for answers themselves.

4. The role of the student is to be open minded and engaged in the classroom. 

5. If students find the class material to be boring or bland, they should be encouraged to seek out ways that the material can be linked to something that does interest them.

6. Classes should be open ended enough that students with a variety of interests can all find something interesting to latch onto.

7. To a certain extent, students should be allowed to manipulate class material to suit their personal interests.

8. The goal of taking a class, or giving a class, should never be to get, or to give, a good grade. 

9. There is not one way to be a good teacher, or a good student.

10. The smaller the class, the better. In big classes, teachers must find creative ways to keep the learning experience somewhat individualized.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.